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The resort collection between Emily Gurr and Chosen by Tuchuzy is a conceptual embodiment of the theme rooted in the transformative power of perspective, cultivated through lived experiences. Inspired by the interplay of reflections and the transcendent summer haze, the collection takes on a pivotal role, empowering us to embrace and express self-love and confidence in individuality without comparison. Seamlessly blending utility and decoration, the collection reflects the modern multifaceted lifestyle by offering versatile garments designed for repeated wear. These garments are designed to be worn and cherished, creating a canvas for memories and unforgettable experiences. Each garment within the curated collection showcases the interplay of masculine and feminine, soft between tough. The collection weaves a tale of juxtaposition, celebrating uniqueness through layering.

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The collaboration was born out of shared coastal influences and a commitment to meaningful creative curation. A close working relationship, cultivated over several years, saw Emily's involvement as a model and contributor for Tuchuzy. It was a natural progression for Emily to collaborate with Chosen to inject new perspectives and meaningful storytelling into creative direction and design this limited collection. Infusing her unique vision, her multifaceted history in creative roles, and her design sensibilities into this collaborative project with Tuchuzy's designers. This partnership was an organic and meaningful colliding force, representing a long journey and commitment with a shared dedication to the design process and a consistent weaving of meaning from start to finish.

Emily’s career and life have been diverse, allowing her to explore various creative fields. She began her studies in architecture and then moved into fashion and business marketing. After finishing university, she opened and managed an ethical factory in Indonesia, and then launched a fashion label focused on minimal consumption and locally made garments. She then spent some time marketing and brand managing for larger corporate fashion companies to broaden her skillset and continue learning from industry leaders. She has now transitioned into the field of hospitality creative direction, where her past experiences and skillsets have merged. She continues to juggle her role in directing and creating content for various brands, freelancing on occasional design projects, and, just for fun, DJ’ing on the side. She expresses the need to be constantly creating and working with inspiring creatives and teams to learn, grow, and share success, valuing meaningful connections and appreciating the joy that comes from a process—turning ideas and lessons into tangible outputs.

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Vol. 1 strips back the layers for the warmer months, it effortlessly merges feminine and masculine elements, offering flattering silhouettes and lightweight structured fabrics. Micro and cut-out designs embrace flattering silhouettes, exposing more skin, and adding intrigue to the garments within the collection. Playing with a combination of lightweight and heavier materials, striking a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from mermaid luminescence, it explores the delicate relationship between femininity and the coastal synergy shared by Emily and Tuchuzy. With a subtle nod to the concept of 'glow,' soft drapery is incorporated for both comfort and breathability, offering decorative elements. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be multi-purpose, allowing for seamless layering and effortless transitions from day to night, providing a holistic collection.

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Incorporating thoughtful design details such as seams, darts, and hardware to add intrigue, while frayed edges represent the deconstructive element. It redefines conventional tailoring, empowering individuals with a sense of liberation and self-expression.

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