Natasha Schweitzer

Since 1972, the Schweitzer family have been at the forefront of jewellery design and the craftsmanship process. Founded by then 16 year-old Marion Schweitzer, dreams of a young-woman learning the art of a goldsmith and gemology in a male dominated industry were almost impossible.

“I was turned around again, and again. No one would give me an apprenticeship in those days because I was a woman, it took nearly a year of heartbreak before I was given a chance. I was a woman in a mans world.” - Marion Schweitzer.
Marion went on to become one of Australia's most successful jewellers, also being one of the first women in the industry, before relocating to Europe to further develop her skills.
Fast-forward to 2018, Marion’s daughters Natasha and Alexandra have reignited their mothers dream by taking the brand to an international audience with cutting-edge designs and forward thinking. Designing with an older sensibility that combines modern and simplistic shapes with an imagination of decades past, Natasha Schweitzer pieces are instantly recognisable for their refined beauty and exceptional quality.

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